Blog Post #5: What Do You Do?

April 13, 2016

Blog Post #5- What Do You Do?


To fully understand what we do at the Pump House the best place to start is at the beginning! The following is a brief history starting in 1999 and bringing us up to 2016.


History of Pump House Ministries

Under the leadership of Pastor Bruce Wilkinson in 1999, a group of community members got together and decided to “show God’s love in practical ways.” Our goal has always been to meet the needs of the underserved in Ashland County by extending a hand up, not a hand out. To accomplish that we have created work prog4rams, a men’s shelter, a food pantry, and thrift stores.

Early on we were given 14 acres in the heart of downtown Ashland. The property had several century old factory/industrial buildings and one that was primarily offices. These were utilized for work programs of many types (employing 200 people) and provided space and support for micro-enterprise start ups.

Fortunately for this ministry, Bruce Wilkinson is both flexible and visionary. There are very few ministries or agencies that could endure two separate arson fires that have ravaged the property, and still come out moving forward. No matter what we have faced we have continued to find ways to serve.


This is brief list of current ministries and businesses operated by The Pump House. Over the years this list has fluctuated based both on community needs and how we were able to serve at that time.

Mission: Showing God’s Love In Practical Ways

Ministries of The Pump House:

  • Revivals Thrift Stores
  • Homestead Men’s Shelter
  • Morning Joy Women’s Ministry
  • River of Life Intercessory Prayer Group

Businesses operated by The Pump House to Fund the Ministries:

  • Revivals Thrift Stores
  • Fabric of Life Textile Industry
  • Pump House Catering & Event Center

International Ministries of The Pump House:

  • Kenya H2Ope
  • Chicken Farming (EGGS)
  • Potters Academy (School)
  • Sifa Community Churches: Mangu, JuJa Farm, Thika


Let me give you a brief description of some of our work.

Revivals Thrift Stores

Our thrift stores offer new & gently used merchandise. They are more than just second-hand stores. People are put to work as sorters, cleaners, delivery and pick-up personnel, floor staff, and cashiers in order to work off much needed items. Donations are accepted at any of our clothing collection bins or at the stores during hours of operation. We currently have 3 stores located in Ashland and Mansfield.

Morning Joy

Morning Joy is a Women’s Transitional Community and is a vision of PHM meant to provide a home for women coming from broken pasts to heal and be strengthened. Our hope is to work collaboratively with our commun9ity to guide them holistically. Supplemental funding has begun through the work of MJ Creations, a group of community women creating and selling products to benefit Morning Joy.

The Homestead

The Homestead is a duplex that houses our emergency men’s shelter. While staying there residents receive daily meals and a bed space and the serve at our warehouse as part of our textiles operation. Participation is work training, group studies, and individual counseling helps the men move ahead in their lives. Moving forward, we plan to expand this ministry by building a state-of-the-art shelter with 40 beds to accommodate those in emergency situations and in need of an extended stay option.

Fabric of Life Textile Industry

Over 80% of our ministry funding is secured through our Clothing Collection Bin Program and through partnering with over 36 ministries in the tri-state area. We collect, process, and distribute over 40,000 pounds of gently used clothing and shoes per week. This process helps countless individuals locally and abroad as the textiles that leave our facility are resold to developing countries and small shops that resell yet again to support their communities.

Gift of H2ope for Kenya

While in Kenya on a mission trip, it was pointed out that as high as 10% of a village’s population dies from diseases related to their water supply including dysentery, e-coli, diphtheria, and cholera. The best solution? A simple, yet effective charcoal-based water filter.

Through the Sifa Community Church we established in Kenya, we are reaching out to over 70 villages in the region. Our water filtration system provides fresh water for hundreds of villagers who live with the knowledge that “without water you will dies, but if you drink the water you may die.” No one should ever have to make that choice. Just one filter can be used to purify enough water for up to 40 people a year.

To date we have sent hundreds of filters that supply 5,000 villagers with clean water!


If you have any questions about these ministries, businesses, or any others we are involved in, please contact us at 419-207-3900 or by email at

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