Blog Post #2: Ministry Actualized

By Rebecca Zickefoose

March 5, 2014

Blog Post #2: Ministry Actualized


Here at the Pump House we believe ministry occurs in day-to-day life. Ministry doesn’t happen with a title and organized event, it happens when you aren’t looking for it and usually only after you turn around, look back, and say, “THAT is when the people in my life and the actions I chose began to have a positive effect on my life circumstance.”

For those seeking help in their life, it doesn’t often begin with, “I need ministry.” It begins with, “I need food.” “I need somewhere to live.” “I need a job.” We, as humans, tend to realize our physical needs before we realize our spiritual ones.  But before you know it, if you are tending to those physical needs in a healthy manner, the spiritual needs begin to be fed alongside them.

At the Pump House we strive to, in the very least, attend those physical needs and hope that in the process a spiritual need is met or awoken. You never know when the right word will be spoken or when the right time is. Our goal is to keep offering our physical services to the folks in our community so to remain open to those spiritual experiences within someone.

Here’s a quick list of ways we actualize ministry to meet physical needs:

  • The Homestead- The Homestead is our men’s shelter, the only one in Ashland County, where homeless men can join our work program in exchange for food and shelter.  We believe when a person has to earn their way, they value their way and learn healthy work ethic and life skills.
  • The Food Pantry- One of several operating food banks in the county, The Food Pantry offers supplemental food and hygiene items to low income families. It’s open twice a month.
  • Revival’s Thrift Stores- The thrift stores operate by receiving donations and selling used items at a lower cost. This aids families who cannot afford new items, those who prefer not to buy new, collectors, adds a facet to the business community, plus is available to any and everyone who enjoys thrift shopping, unique finds, recycling usable items, and being part of our thrifty family.
  • Community Dinners- We serve a by-donation-only dinner on Thanksgiving and Easter for anyone who has a notion to come. ALL are welcome, the more the merrier!
  • Job Placement- We don’t have many positions available but we do offer jobs to people in the community and we offer on-site skills training for those who wish to get their foot in the door for certain trades so as to prepare them for other jobs of like nature.


This is just a glimpse into some of the needs we meet at our ministry. Stay tuned for our newest endeavor to add to our community and make Ashland truly “someplace special.”

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I have been truly blessed in my almost 3 year relationship with Pump House Ministries! It has filled the need in my life for gainful employment, and has been the catalyst (as an outsider from California) for meeting many of the nicest people in our community...our wonderful customers who support the Thrift Store with their donations and their purchases. I am also amazed at the incredible amount of donations that we process during the course of any given week! How many of those would have ended up in a landfill had it not been for our program? We also recycle as much as possible from the items donated that are broken or out of date and unsaleable. Even our bags for packaging our customer's purchases are recycled plastic bags from local stores...donated back to us by our customers. I am 100% proud of our ministry, and encourage any and all of our readers to support what we do here.Thank you also to Rebecca, our manager (the writer of the above article), who is an awesome manager of the stores and a wonderful ambassador to the community to represent our cause. We are continuing to expand because of the support of good people like you!
Glenn Jay Paulus at 1:37am EDT - April 4, 2014
Pump House is A Cult
John Doe at 7:11pm EDT - April 10, 2014
Pump House is A Cult
John Doe at 7:11pm EDT - April 10, 2014
I'm sorry "John Doe", but do you know and/or understand the definition of what a cult actually is? The fact that you have to hide your name to subvert a group of good people doing good works is truly juvenile. I am not a religious person by far and one doesn't have to be to see that the Pumphouse is doing good for this community. If you have the time to write menial things on a blog then you have the time to step inside a building to see what they are doing for the surrounding community.
Raymond Main at 9:25am EDT - April 11, 2014
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